hey if none of you have any acne kicking hella sweet skin treatment tips, feel free to drop some in my askbox.

I need to look fresh for tracon


hammasratas submitted: selfie submission time! maisa says hi she missed youthanks 8) ill come see maisa sometime next week~


hammasratas submitted: selfie submission time! maisa says hi she missed you

thanks 8) ill come see maisa sometime next week~


i really liked the lines on this monstrosity of a palette challenge and i found a really nice palette so did the only logical thing


are you ever looking at weird stuff on the internet and ur paranoid its going to end up on facebook somehow because facebook is connected to like everything

How did you get your eating disorder? and how long have you had it? Is your partner concerned about you eating disorder?

most eating disorders are not caused by a traumatic event or stress or a life situation, I’ve been slim for the better half of my life and then I just decided I wanted to be skinnier.

it’s p much been on-off for 4 years and my current downhill has lasted about 5 months.

ww is hella concerned! I mean she’s got some issues on the weight and eating department so they understand the feeling and the difficulty but I get weekly reminders that I need to eat and sometimes she asks me sweetly if I had anything and today she had me eat some toast at her place because I hadn’t really had anything but candy.


heres a transparent dead eridan for your blog. you can use it but dont forget to credit me~

it’ 2014 why do moisturizers still come in a cup shaped container?


More Five Nights at Hussie’s with Eridan here! More to come, yet need to edit Sollux’s more cus I forgot to add more to his.


Eridan’s facial animations are now done! Gamzee is next, then the first six models will be ready to take home.


few eridoodles and the sassy-pose sollux from my ask blog


I miss my dash being like 95% homestuck

do you have any favourite cosplayers?

kisbe, hibiki, crowmunist. to name a few.

I feel like this isn’t a list at all wtf I love cosplayers where all my faves at.


Touhou Project + Homestuck crossover commission 1

Psiioniic // Photographer

look at my notes jesus